Hi there. I am a developer and designer
with a soft spot for well-made products.

Here's what I've been up to recently.
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Presentation App for iPad

Concept, Design, Development, Video, Artwork. Wearing all of the hats as co-founder.



Electronic Music Discovery

Designed and built features for Deepdrive, a discovery platform for electronic music. Worked remotely, together with a world-class team from Tokyo and Hanoi, using Vue and TypeScript on the Google Cloud Platform.

199 Kleine Helden


Educational Platform

Built the entire frontend with React and Three.js. Integrated animations, soundtracks and a simple user account system for children.

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E-Commerce for Underwear

Designed the brand, packaging and some textile patterns. Created the first version of the online shop.

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Screenshot of an experimental music ensemble's website
Screenshot of an art consulting agency
Screenshot of abstract artwork for IMWI Institute for Music Informatics and Musicology
Screenshot of a floor plan, embedded into a brochure layout
Screenshot of a marketing site for an academic course


Throughout the years, I worked with clients from several industries, creating digital and print products with a sharp sense for design.

I have worked with

  • React
    Early adopter. Large-scale projects. Some OSS contributions. Used in Bachelor’s and Master’s theses.
  • TypeScript
    Entire apps and migrations from legacy codebases.
  • GraphQL
    Met Lee Byron, the maker himself, at a London conference in 2017. Riding the wave ever since.
  • SASS
    With all the bells and whistles: Large-scale Design Frameworks, Optimizations and Post-Processing Magic. Who is still writing vanilla CSS these days?
  • Node.js
    From dev tooling to fully featured servers.
  • Postgres
    Advanced understanding of RDB principles. I usually prefer thin query builders over ORM.
  • Swift
    Zero to hero in a few months. Went into the depths of manual memory management to write a high-performant React-inspired UI framework.
  • UIKit
    Studied nearly every single WWDC video in the archive to find workarounds for exotic bugs. Includes some other Apple Frameworks.
  • PHP
    In chronological order: vanilla, WordPress, Yii, Laravel. When I was 14, I wrote a CMS from scratch that is not too shabby in hindsight.
  • Elixir
    Some interesting side projects in the oven.
  • Elm
    Wrote parts of the Velvet prototype in Elm. It didn't work out, but seriously sharpened my knives as a programmer.
  • •••
    Obvious: Git, Sketch, Framer, Adobe Apps
    Funky: SuperCollider, Lisp
    Services: AWS, Sentry, Mailchimp, Mailgun
    … and lots more

I have over 10 years of dev and design experience as a freelancer and contractor for various companies.

Usually, I carry out the entire process from communication and concept to delivery, cutting through the entire tech stack with full focus, responsibility and dedication.

I currently work on Ren, a supercharged personal CRM that knows the best occasions for reaching out.


I studied Music Informatics at the University of Music Karlsruhe, Germany, focusing on the Software for Creativity track.

2018 Master of Arts, GPA 4.0 with honours
Thesis: Component-Based Software Architecture for Web Audio Plugins

2015 Bachelor of Arts, GPA 4.0
Thesis: Physics-Based Network Music in Web Browser Environments